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Friday, April 26, 2013

For those who will

God has placed on my heart the need to remind the church of a few matters that are being overlooked in his word that are causing Christians everywhere problems that ought not be.
I am to always present a message for those who have not made the decision yet, so for those who have not:
 I believe without a doubt, that these are the early stages of the last days we are living in. The signs of the times have never before been as obvious as they are now. If that is the case, and since the word doesn’t say how long those days will last before the end, it is possible that those who have not accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior don’t have much time left to do so. Though Jesus did say that no man, nor even he, knows the day or the hour of the end, only the Father knows those things.  (Mark: 13 v 32) He did give us in God’s word (the bible) the signs to look for that signal the end is near, and we are seeing many, many of those signs in this day. Also the signs that God is calling to those who have not accepted Jesus as their Savior are stronger now than I believe they have ever been. Many who are lost are being urged by the Spirit of God to come to Jesus.
Acts: 16: 31
Have you recently become acutely aware of the wrong in your life, no matter how good or generous you believe you are? Then God is calling you with his merciful Spirit. Have you suddenly or over a period of time realized that there has got to be a better way, and that no efforts for this fulfillment on your part have achieved this goal? Not money, not a better job, not finer clothes, not more friends, parties, or the consumption of every legal or illegal device that is supposed to ease the burden? Are these things just not doing it? God is calling you ! Do you, or have you found yourself more intently listening to those who are saved and find yourself being drawn to the message of Jesus that they present  more and more. God is calling you by his Grace and Mercy! Are you here reading this message today seeking  comfort, and truth? God is calling you! The reason that you seek truth in the things of this world and never really receive any true comfort in them, is that the things of the world are offered and controlled by our enemy, Satan: The God of this world, The King of lies. You were created by the God of heaven. He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He knows you now and he wants you to come to him so that he may make you whole again. The Holy Spirit of God is quickening your soul to accept Christ and let him enter you for the comfort that you seek. All you have to do is believe and step out on faith when the minister calls. Do that, and follow that Holy Spirit’s instruction into the works that will result from there on.  There’s no other way to reach God and be forgiven but by accepting  Jesus Christ and “obeying”his word.
 John 14: 6    Math. 11: 28, 29, 30.
You should then be baptized by water. It is another act of faith that the Father loves dearly. It is a time that  you will show God you are dying to self, being buried as Christ was and arising as a new creature. You are born again. At this time you can also expect to receive all of the wondrous gifts and promises from God. (Mark 1: 9, 10.)
 Also you will be baptized in another way at this time, ( if you truly believe) . You could, but not always at this time, receive a promise that will come) that only Christ can do for those who truly love him. It is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire, and you will receive POWER. ( Math. 3: 11, 12)
He sends the Holy Spirit, the Comforter to dwell in you as a guide, a teacher, a counselor, when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Then he begins a cleansing process through the power of his word (the BIBLE) that if you seek it you will find how the Lord wants you to be and the things that you have held on to in order to be fulfilled, will most likely begin to lose their hold on you as the baptism of fire burns the chaff from your heart. It is a cleansing fire that God gives you, causing you to see the sin in your life and giving you more and more strength to turn from those things that are not of God. You will no doubt gain the conviction from this Spirit that will urge you to repentance. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS WONDEROUS BAPTISM.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit is also the way God empowers us for the work he has laid out ahead.
This can sometimes be a bit painful depending on how-----YOU are. Are you proud, or stubborn.? ALLOW THE FIRE TO BURN IT OUT,(fire burns) but it is necessary for we must all be born again. (John 3: 7) and a new man or woman must emerge from this decision you have made. Not a made up pretense, but a new creation from the power of the Holy Spirit within you. You will be rewarded by him for that, in your soul. He will lead you into all truth. (John 16: 13.......15:26)
There is a song out now by a popular group that sings songs of Christ. A line in one of their latest hits reads: “You were made for so much more than all of this”. Another song that has touched the hearts of many and is sang in churches everywhere: Amazing Grace...How sweet the sound.  It is by Gods Grace that we are saved. And did you notice this song says that grace has a sound.
I would have to say that this sound is the Holy Spirit assuring you that you are His by the wonderful Grace of God. Remember he speaks to you all truth.
For those who have accepted Jesus as your savior and know without a doubt that Jesus and all that he is has redeemed you from  the sin that once held you in bondage:  Do you yearn to be more for Christ? Do you still feel like there should be more in your walk? Do you want to be closer and closer to Christ? Are you still wondering or maybe even fearing a closer walk that can give you more than just the milk of a baby for those who have just came to Christ? Do you truly feel that your soul is being fed from the word of God as it should be or are you in a slump, not really feeling the freedom that God has for those that are his.  Hebrews: 5: 12,13. 1 Peter 2 :2.  Keep walking with him in that child like faith that you had when you first believed and it will grow. Keep trusting and moving forward as a little child as you listen and hear his still small voice.
 It is written that  (those who truly believe)  will been given  abilities and gifts from the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. (Rom. 12.) These gifts have been given to help the church in growth and for the Good of the church. Many of these gifts may seem strange to us at times, but I say to you they are all very important to the body of Christ and should not be ignored. Let’s search the word and find these gifts and abilities that have been given to those that are his, many of which have been and are being ignored by many churches today. We just mentioned a few and some bare repeating as we will soon see. I will explain these gifts in my next message.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why and How do I write

   Many times I have been asked: How do you come up with this stuff? (or) Does this just come out of your head? Both good questions. I will strive to answer.
    Years ago, and I might say for the biggest part of my life, I had a fascination with how the written word could transport an individual into the world that was being described in the book, or written material. Down through the years I read countless works from great authors that have made their way to the top of the "author world," so to speak, by their God given talent of being able to capture the imagination of the reader and hold the interest of said individuals to the end of the book. These authors have succeeded by honing that ability and creating a "I must have more from this author" type need in their fans. After years of reading various works in the genres that I myself became infatuated with, I began to realize I myself had a story inside that many others may enjoy. I began to entertain the dream of writing a book and carried that dream with me without any attempt at putting pen to paper. I had mentioned this to a friend of mine many times throughout our lives and had always mentioned that I didn't do it because I didn't know how.
    Finally after we had both reached our early 50's, the subject was brought up again in a casual conversation and he turned to me with this advice. "So just sit down and start writing! Get a pencil and a pad and just start writing and see where it goes from there!"
     He was right; that's all it took. After listening to his simple advice I soon took the time to sit down with pen and paper and "The Clashes of Tarn" was born. You will note that I said: (pen and paper.) Yes. The first copy of that book was written painstakingly by hand. Fifty some thousand words, give or take a few.
      I was so proud. I had actually created characters that I had imagined and brought them to life in a story that was actually entertaining, and it kept the readers of it interested enough to finish and give an account of my masterpiece.
       Of the few that read the work I heard comments like: Very Good, and I loved it, Good job, Get this published. But also from each individual I heard: "This book reminds me of you." Believe it or not that is not what I wanted to hear. I actually didn't want the piece to reflect my life at that time,but in reality as I read it through at a later date and the same thing was pointed out to me again, I saw that it was exactly what it was, a reflection of my messed up life at that time. So with great regret and a tear in my eye, I watched as "The Clashes of Tarn" vanished in the flames of the wood burning stove of my home.
       My wife tells me that I am my worst critic. Maybe. After a year of moping around and continuing to question my actions, my life took a new turn for the better. (Long story in itself.) At any rate, I was given the opportunity  to once again take the time to recreate "The Clashes of Tarn" in a totally different way  and I am pleased with the outcome. (Even though I did borrow some of my own traits for some of the characters) It has graced the shelves of Amazon for more than a year now and has gained some fairly nice reviews I might add. It has a few that kind off tweeked my feelings, but that, I am learning, is all a part of being an author. Wow! (Being an author). I can actually say that and it be an actuality. Have I reached the point where I can be compared to those who have reached the top positions in the author world? Not yet. But hey, part of the fun of being an author is the dream.
      Oh and by the way, I just earlier this year released at Amazon, my second novel: "Gods of the Nubi" and am enjoying watching it be tried and considered by readers from all over the planet.
       My only hope is that those who read my books will be as fascinated as I was growing up reading exciting works from various authors, and in my works find a message that helps them have and strive for a greater life here on this Earth.

As far as where it all comes from, I do believe that I am what they call a ( Seat Of The Pants) author. Meaning, it all just comes to me when I sit down and start writing. I believe that God inspires some, those who will, myself included and many others, to write certain stories that in someway may help a select group of readers in their search for truth in this fallen world.